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Moving from one mediterranean country to another, I left behind my family, friends, and many people I loved. However, when I reached Cyprus, I realised that I still love the people I am leaving yet I can’t do much about it as I am forced to look for a better life, or at least, a decent life.


I couldn't help but notice the bittersweet irony of how love, a force so powerful and binding, could also be squandered along the way. Countless souls left behind loved ones and cherished memories, torn apart by the pursuit of a better life or refuge from adversity. In the pursuit of their dreams, they were forced to detach from the warmth of familiar embraces, sacrificing the nurturing bond of affection for the uncertainty of a distant horizon.


We were able to collect wasted wood from different parts of Cyprus, beaches, forests, and abandoned houses lefts behind by refugees in the 1970s.

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