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In this part of the world, lies one of the last standing clashes between religions. People are being dealt with as tools of political games, sent to die only because of their beliefs.


The installation was a combination of pieces that migrated from Cyprus and others that were collected in Greece. A stroll around Athens revealed the amount of WASTE in the city both materialistic and human. Within minutes, enough wood was collected to craft the word "FAITH," the symbol accompanying the traveling sentence (WHAT A WASTE OF).

Faith, the profound feeling that should inspire forgiveness and patience, appeared wasted on protecting the existing traditions against newcomers.


Sifnos, the stage of the performance, boasts over 230 churches, many built in hard-to-reach places as acts of meditation and devotion to the religious cause. The performance retraced the steps to the Church of 7 Martyrs, continuing down the cliff towards the sea, mirroring a faithful act dedicated to humanity.

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