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Italy, often regarded as the gateway to Europe and a beacon of hope for countless refugees, stands as a symbol of aspiration and HOPE in the center of the turbulent waters of the Mediterranean. Every year, thousands of refugees make the perilous journey, landing on Italy's shores in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. For them, Italy embodies the prospect of safety, sustenance, and a fresh start.

WASTE OF HOPE in Briatico - Calabria - Italy

My own journey to Italy unfolded not only as a pursuit of personal creativity but also as a quest for security, nourishment, and a promising future. However, upon arrival, I discovered that this land, while offering many opportunities, also presented formidable challenges and fierce social problems. It was a place where dreams could flourish, but they often had to contend with the reality of limited resources and opportunities.

WASTE OF HOPE in Briatico - Calabria - Italy

The wood used in WASTE, collected from various locations, embarked on a symbolic journey across the Mediterranean to reach the shores of Calabria, a region in southern Italy. Here, it merged with the wood of HOPE, carefully gathered and assembled in the home of an Italian migrant who had once embarked on a journey to America in pursuit of a better life, decades ago. This union of materials from different times and places serves as a representation of the enduring human spirit, the pursuit of hope, and the interconnectedness of our journeys, whether across oceans or through time itself.

WASTE OF HOPE in Briatico - Calabria - Italy
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