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Traces, photography by Eisa Baddour


Milan Central Station, where thousands of passengers go by every day, hides millions of stories behind the columns, underneath the large roof and even on the hundreds of steps that move people from the city level to their destination trains. 
We walk among the walls that witnessed some of the most important events in our contemporary history thinking only about our own problems, disregarding the notion and contrast we experience in such a space. 

Followed by our own past and seeking a future we do not know, we keep on moving with the crowds to a point where we forget who we are. So we try once again to distinguish ourselves by adding some unique features, regardless if they are superficial or implicit. 
In such an out-scale architecture we would forget about humanism while relying on the building to lead us in the right direction more than relying on people. With all the escalators, marble floors, and comfortable railings, even an elderly would not accept any help from any other person.
This disconnection between people in a place which is considered one of the most important nodes in Europe is the biggest contrast of all we can find inside the station. 
Being alone in such a crowded place, personalizing new dimensions of a private space, creating a safe zone in an untrusted atmosphere, taking your own track regardless in which direction people go, and many other concepts would come to your mind when you climb up to take your train. But they all vanish as soon as you step down back to the urban life of Milan leaving no traces behind.

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