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Syrian Home | Full of Love

A paper installation that recreates the feeling of a Syrian home after 12 years of war. A place that is hard to escape from, a space full of darkness, yet lit by the warmth that shows love all around.

In commemoration of the people who passed in the earthquake that shook Syria and Turkey, I converted my Studio in Limassol into an open installation where people can visit and have a glance at what it feels like to be in Syria. The whole event is inspired by the Middle Eastern tradition of opening a deceased's house to the public to give condolences to their family members.

Being a Syrian abroad, I felt the need to open my house to the public after the death of thousands of people in my country.


Covering the space with thousands of black papers rendered the studio unusable, which is a reminder of the countless buildings that were collapsed and covered in rubble in Syria. For the period of the installation, I wanted to seek refuge to run away from the rubble I created. But instead, I found myself doing what my family has been doing, staying in my space and keeping an eye on it. 


Through this installation, I was seeking to capture the weight of loss and the overwhelming pain of grief that so many Syrians have experienced over the course of this devastating conflict. The repeated presence of the word "love" serves as a reminder that even in the midst of such unimaginable suffering, there is still hope, still beauty, and still a fierce and unshakeable love that endures. 


This is an invitation to bear witness to the profound impact of war on individual lives, families, and communities, and to honor the memory of those who have been lost. Visitors shared their emotions honestly, rendering the Syrian Home a space of pure emotions.

"The darkness of this environment does not make me feel dark emotions. it gives me hope. Every piece of paper is like a soul living inside."
"This place reminds me of the deepest part of my heart. You feel cozy, but at the same time sad."
"I felt the urge and the need to look through the gaps between the pieces of paper covering the balcony door in need of light and hope. I felt the exact feeling when I visited my grandparent's house in Kyrenia, unable to enter unable to interact with the surroundings."
"I feel calm, love, and sad in here at the same time."
"A sense of despair and purpose."
"This space brings thoughts that we need to value what we love now."

Special thanks to the people who helped realize this work:

Evi Ioannou

Olivia Christodoulides

Evita Brolisa

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