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Anastasia found herself in a world of brutality as she had encountered many soul-breaking violent experiences in her lifetime. She was reminded of her vulnerability amidst stronger oppressors on many occasions but one stood out as a stark testament to the horror she endured.

On a serene Greek island, Anastasia found herself at the mercy of fate's cruel hand. As she walked home one fateful evening, a group of drunken tourists blocked her path. Fear constricted her heart as she realized the impending danger. Before she could react, their hands closed around her, engulfing her in darkness.

She awoke the next morning, gasping for air and disoriented in the sea. Naked and vulnerable, she struggled for survival, her body aching with the weight of violation. Miraculously, the police rescued her, pulling her from the watery abyss that threatened to consume her. But the island's community offered no solace. Their eyes cast judgment upon her, a visitor deemed unworthy of empathy. Gossip spread like wildfire, stigmatizing her as a tainted soul. The weight of their condemnation grew unbearable, forcing Anastasia to abandon the island, leaving behind the shattered remnants of her dreams.

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